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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2006 at 7:52am
this weekend started out rough... real rough. but turned into something wonderful.

i've stayed at keegans all weekend.. its odd being home and him being at work. yesterday we went to holland to support a crew all that (circle junkies) not like anyone knows them.... but it was the tulip festival which was nice, thier performance was really quite pathetic... what can ya do right?

we tried to go to the zoo on our way home, but it was closed, so we went to applebees and ended up running into stacy and ashley and sat with them, that was a nice suprise. then we made one more stop and came home. :)

what a beautiful day.

now TONIGHT brandi and i are going to the tim mcgraw and faith hill concert. i cannot WAIT! ahh. go ahead, be jealous. and if you dont like country music, kindly refrain from leaving a smart ass cocky comment because i dont diss your music, and frankly... it pisses me off when people diss mine. (smiles)

SCHOOOOOOOOOOOL. nooooo. oh well, its almost over.

im beginning to let go of certain things. and i really think this is going to help us ALOT. because a relationship is supposed to be based on trust right? and give and take? thats what we're doing. i cant imagine ever losing my best friend, or that feeling i get in the morning when i wake up and he's snuggled up to me, looking so peaceful before he wakes up. i love that. i love the simple things. those are the things that mean the most.
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