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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2006 at 10:59pm
sometimes I get myself in trouble

well I think I went a little overboard with my last post. sometimes I get so sucked into my own depression that even I cant see a way out. I hurt core's feelings...even though it wasn't all about him. I didn't even think he read my journal...goes to show you how much I know.

well katie still hasn't called me. I guess she's not going to say she's sorry for lying to me..I can't beleive she thought that I wouldn't see through that....we've been friends since we were little and she still thinks that I can't tell when she's lying.

went to my moms house was pretty boring dad had to go to work today which sucked but still at I got out of the house for a while...and dinner was good...I like having a good meal every now and then, it makes me happy inside.

talked to jamin for like and hour and a half later on last night...well not really jamin but emma. we talked about everything that has been happening to us for the past was nice just to spill everything that was bothering me. like going to go see a shrink..but free.

well core said that he would be home at 10:30 today but looks like he isn't going to make the deadline seems how it's already eleven. I don't know why I get my hopes up...I got all dolled up and everything..thinking maybe I'll get lucky...I doubt it though...he doesn't want that anymore it seems...but then agian he has been very busy I don't hold it against him. when the time is right I guess.

I quit smoking.
going on day two now...not much but it's a nice start. just thought that you all would want to know that...maybe get a little more support.

oh and if you want to see my other journal...go to
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