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izntlifesojuicy (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2006 at 10:04pm
because i have to block out thoughts of you
so i dont loose my head.
because life has a funnie way of biting you in the ass.
because we lost it.
because i lost you.
because of 2005.
because of your corny jokes.
because i never thought i'd end up feeling like this.
because of every day at 4.
because you'll be happy.
because i watched you grow up.
because you're my regret.
because you moved away.
because it happened so fast.
because it never happened at all.
because of your hair.
because we were young.
because we still are.
because of them.
because of notes, letters, and cards.
because of birthdays, christmas and valentines day.
because of your eyes.
because of our songs.
because of late night phone calls.
because of our dinner dates.
because of hide and seek.
because this is all so clear.
because i wish i didnt feel like there was something i missed.
because of cuts, scrapes and bruises.
because of slaps in the face.
because of your rescues.
because i didnt think i would find you here.
because i didnt think all promises would be broken.
because this means nothing now.
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