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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2006 at 1:40am
Subject: I love Hippies and guys that are engaged and/ or married, not fair

wow I havnet written in this thing for a long time! well I have 2 more finals and I am done with my 3rd year. i cant believe i am almost out of this place. I am happy, yet nervous b/c that means i will have a real life with a real job (hopefully) like a real person. I am going to Italy for a month this summer and i am leaving next week..I am so Fin happy i cant stand it. I never get excited for anything in my life, but this is something I am EXTEREMLY happy for. then I will be back 5 days before my 21st! hopefulli can find a job for 2 months.
This year has pretty much sucked i am not going to lie or surgar coat anyting it SUCKED. from classes and jsut being annoyed and pissed about everytign and everyone. I ve come to the conclusion I dont like people. Everyting is such a big freaking deal. I need to relax and just chill out, stop worrying and getting pissed. I am going to either have a heart attack or kill someone. So yeah 2 days and i am done. Stress..I cause stress i make shit more diffuclt than it needs to be, but damnit i am a perfectionsit mayeb a little ocd, but hey too freakin bad go suck a dick if you have a problem :) ok its 1:45 i have a final in 7 hours that i am going to fail. I did do well on my fiansl..and do you think i care. I dont knwo why but i have been really calm, i havent studied its b/c i am going to italy in a week, so i dont give a shit(but you all know deep down I care, i wish i would of studied more..oh well :)
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