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mydecadesunder (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2006 at 2:27pm
Current mood: ditzy
Subject: yo!!
hey people whats up? um like 2day was sorta good and bad um jessica close punche me in the way and yea yea people that sit at her table like sam ashley dean sheena and helen are like um calling me a lesbian and crap well at least im not dirty and i have a wonderful loooking b/f and they are all jealous!! omg and definitley ashley dean wants to beat me up and like i didnt do anything thing to that stupid ho!!!!!! omg it is so retarted!! and helen is making me mad by touching bens butt and ashley saying i love you ben but if you are any of the people i mentioned in this listen BEN DOESNT DO FAT CHICKS OR CHICKS THAT THINK THEY ARE FAT!!!!!!!!!! EWWW well yea um like i dunno and um yea i definitley dont talk to helen or ashley and dont do anything to em but they yet wanna beat me up it is just jessicas lil possy and yea she needs people to help her well i acn fight 4 myself unlike her!!! ewww i have alot ,more people on my side cause sam and jess are always biotches to people and im real nice to peopl!! ha ha well im gonna go i love you ben so much!!!
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