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joeydomina (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2006 at 9:01am
Subject: Clarify
Ok I am going to clarify the cell phone thing more easily.

I can take any song from any cd that either you or I have and edit it or put it in whole onto your cell phone by use of a usb data transfer cable. I need the specific data transfer cable for your phone so that would be all that U would pay for or I would pay for it and you pay me a few bucks or just a reimbursment but either way a much better deal because the few bucks you would pay me would be a one time payment. you can do this anytime you want as long as i'm available which shouldnt be any problem. I wont charge but once and just enough to pay for the cable. besides that there are no other charges. i enjoy doing it far to much to charge for it besides the data cable. so if you want anything transfered off of any phones onto a new one or anything put on your new one let me know. I can also put any images on your cell phone no matter the size.

thanks to all who are interested.
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