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j0seph1ne (profile) wrote,
on 6-5-2006 at 8:51am

camp was uber duber super trooper fun ... i hearted it and i want to go back. such a release. it wasn't really relaxing except at night, but it was soo fun and worry free. the only thing you had to worry about was the kids [5th and 6th graders] and that went along great. me, sue, melody, and erik went up there friday night. before we went there, we went to in n out to eat.. and then the in n out people gave melody like.. 5 extra trays of fries for free.. and we didn't order it.. so i came up w/ the conclusion that either a guy likes melody a lot and sent her fries or they sent fries to her to fatten her up and eat her.. yeah.. once we got up there around 8, we just chilled, got ready for bed, slept .. i didn't sleep very well.. [slept inside the lodge] .. it felt like i was just closing my eyes and not really sleeping..... yeah.. next morning we got ready for the game.. & the kids came around 2. i taught hooks and ladders with andrew aka flipper, jamie aka shorty, and jenna aka shanaka. my camp name was POCKY. ohh yess. we taught the same thing about 5 times. 4 on saturday and 1 on sunday. we had a break, so i went canoeing w/ ammie aka mini mee & i did a lanyard thingie. then i went back to the work thingie. we ate and then went to the campfire.. and it was cool 'cause we sang a whole bunch of fun songs like "i threw you out the window.. THE WHAT? the window.. OH NO!... the second story window... with a heave and a ho and a mighty throw, i threw you out the window!!" .. yeah.. and then i went to get SMORES!! i ate a lot.. and then i went to shower.. and i think i killed a butterfly during that time.. and then i went to sleep at the kiosk outside.. the stars were so prettyyyy..... i went to sleep at like.. 11:41.. and woke up around 6.. i had a really nice sleep. it actually felt like i was sleeping... the kids were getting ready for the polar bear swim and i was upset that i couldn't go because i was on my period... yeah.. so i chilled and brushed my teeth and stuff.. then ate breakfast.. and did a thingie activity. and then went canoeing w/ ammie & melody aka kenji. the meal times were pretty fun. i liked it because i got to talk to the kids a lot. at lunch on sunday, they were sack lunches and we ate on the kiosks. stephanie [spaz] and alex [shaggy] ate with the big group, but i saw people sitting out and looked all alone so i gathered them around and sat with them. i was talking to this girl .. i think named amanda .. and this was my convo with her:

amanda: do you have a boyfriend?
me: uh.. no...
amanda: you need a boyfriend.
me: .. um.. why? you don't need one in high school..
amanda's friend: you don't have a boyfriend, amanda.
amanda: but i'm young and she's older!
me: just because you're in high school doesn't mean you need a boyfriend..
shaggy out of nowhere: 'cause guys are jerks!
*i laugh*...
*a minute later*
amanda: yeah, i don't know why i said that. i'm awkward. i'm a very awkward person..

hahaha i think i influenced her. bwahahha... and yeah, after the lunch we prepared a skit and during that time, and we saw a deer. it was so cute!! my line for the skit:
like sailing on a mirror
on sparkling lake vera

aha yeah. and at the end of the skit, we did this cheer thingie:
a-w-e *pause* s-o-m-e *pause* awesome are we *pause*, totally *blows fingers*

yeah.. and then it was the closing ceremony and we sang crazy camp songs again :]
kids left, sang the "nananana, nananana, wayy ayy ayy.. goodbye" ahaha.. yeah. then me and melody swept the lodge.. went back home w/ sue, melody, and erik.. slept in the car.. when i got home i showered and slept ..... yeah.
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