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kitty2004 (profile) wrote,
on 5-18-2006 at 4:26pm
Hello to all! well I'm at the coast for the first night. Things have been a little rocky through out the day. Hopefully everything evens out by tomorrow.
I have desided that I'm going to stay here in Oregon well actually Washing ton but I'll be makeing regular trips to Oregon to go see Nick. He's a friend of mine that I met through my sister.
We met at her wedding!! lol The night of the wedding we stayed up all night long together, we watched the sun rise as much as it does in this part of the U.S! then went on a drive up the mountain. We had a lot of funn over the weekend. I actually thought we wouldn't talk to each ther after that but sure enough we have talked every day (and night) since! It's so nice to have a friend to go hang out with, it's nice to be free again and not really have to ask permission.
My sister and I have bonded alot in the past weeks. We still have our differences but that's just how sisters are! lol
Any way i'm going to let everyone go!
love to all
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