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Jacqui-Chan (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2006 at 10:03pm
Current mood: blah
Music: softball world series
Subject: ARIZONA WILD CATS!!!!!!!! They could go all the WAY!
So, I'm almost sad we don't have school anymore, but not at the same time. It sucks not seeing everyone as often, but then again there are things and people I'm glad I don't have to deal with daily anymore.

This week has been so deadly... and it's only Tuesday. I've had tennis camp and softball practice the past two days. Plus yesterday I did tennis then softball then more tennis. It wore me out. Today I had tennis from 7:30 to 9 this morning and then softball from 10-noon. I didn't even get to go home between. So when I got home I ate lunch and ended up falling asleep on the coach... but that only lasted around 10 minutes. Then stupid Steph woke me up, so I went up stairs to sleep (I was WAY tired). That nap lasted 2 hours. This is like a milestone people. I do NOT take naps... ever. Ask JD, he always got annoyed because I would hang out with his family or just watch TV instead of taking a nap with him. It's not my fault though... it's just not normal.

So yea, I'm pretty much in get-over-him-quick mode now. I'm sick of being jealous when he likes someone else... and I feel idiotic playing the jealous ex-girlfriend role. It's so not my style. But you wanna' know a secret... I have a crush on Caleb. Yea, JD's best friend. What can I say? I liked him freshmen year, we had a biology fling... of course no one will understand that unless they were there. But yea, I told J that, and he said it was cool. You could tell he didn't like it much, but he did predict it. When we were dating Caleb described his dream girl and J said it was me to a T. He said if there was anyone he'd be glad to see me end up with besides him, it would be Caleb. Only issue here is that Caleb is (or at least was) in love with my best friend. Gotta' love crazy triangles of crushness. Yea, fuuuun stuff.

Oh my gosh... do you know what makes me mad? Well, not mad exactly... just annoyed. Work. That place is evil. Beth is making me work on the 4th of July since I've had so many days off. But that sucks because I actually started to go to the fireworks and stuff as of last year, I was suppose to go with a coulple friends... and I can't if I'm at work. This job is seriously gonna' start to suck when Ken and Phil leave. Carl already quit, and Kati (I think) did too. Jamie's gonna' be my only friend there! Well, none of the afore mentioned people was really my friend, just people I had fun talking to and working with. Kyle and Drew can be fun too, it's just that I don't feel as comfortable with them. I don't know, if I had another option I'd take it... but I don't. So all I can do is hope it's not that bad. I have the farm too anyway... so we'll see.

Okay, I should jet now. Have a beautiful day loves.


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