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kitty2004 (profile) wrote,
on 6-7-2006 at 2:24am
Current mood: restless
Music: what every country station we get here ! lol
Subject: "FAMILY"
Well I am no longer at our fancy hotel! what a big surprise, our "family" got into a huge blow out..... this entire trip has been moody to begin with. then today my grandma told my mom that "she was so busy being worried about Terry ann messying up the trip that she did it her self." Yup my grams is "!such a nice person!" isn't she! lol not. She made me feel like crap the first night we go here. And every time my mom or I would walk off we were being" distant from the family" but I tell you what, Kyra starts crying and everyone comes running to "sugest" we take her out side b/c she's too loud. I really dislike my family.
well on a different note!!!! lol
Cy, Mom, Kyra, and I went to Canon Beach today to look for sand dollars and pretty shells. oh man did we find them! we got ton! Kyra even picked some up on her own! we had a blast, then we relaxed in a little mexican food joint and had luch together. I was so amazed at how stress free we were with out the other 2/3 of the group.
I just wish that Candy and I could have hung out a little bit more this past week. She is my cousin from the big OK!! she's so fun to be around and to talk to. I wish I was closer to her. But we have already agreed that no matter how much our wonderful family fights her and I will always stay in contact.
ok next subject!!
I landed on the 22nd of May and threw out that time I have been trying to deside if I should stay here or go back to my husband. Well at first everyone told me to just stay here and now there are about 1/2 those ppl telling me to go home. It just seems like I'm not welcome to stay any more.. I don't know what to do really! Everyone tells me to do what feels right , well nothing really does feel right. My sister thinks I should pay the 75$ to extend my ticket 3 months out and that way if I change my mind I can always go home then and not waste the ticket. But if I deside to stay here I not only waste the money on the ticket but yet another $75 for changeing the date. Well i'm all messed up about everything that's been going on. I will update later on down the road. Love to all,
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