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TaoMan1121 (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2006 at 3:53pm
Current mood: perky
Music: Genesis - That's All
Subject: God Bless America & Spirit Airlines
Booked a flight home for the Fourth (July 3rd-10th). I was about ready to give up on a trip home for the holiday (tickets were $270-$300 into GR), when, on a whim, I checked flights into D-Town. Found a Spirit Air flight, round-trip, including taxes, for $100. Yes, that's a 1 before those two zeros after it. And Michelle is going to nice enough to pick me up and take me back to GR. I'm excited. Parental set #1 comes out the week after next, with the second to follow in late summer/early fall, hopefully.

Things I want to do while I'm home:
- Grandville 4th of July parade
- Fireworks (Grand Haven, downtown GR, or Grandville... basically any place with 'Grand' in its name)
- Michigan's Adventure ("Whoooooooooosh") & Getty 4 Drive-In ("We don't need no stinkin' orange dots)
- Obligatory cookout
- Catch up with people without trying to do too much and get stressed out about seeing everyone
- Enjoy the weather (::shakes fist towards MI:: You damn well better work with me this year!)
- Head up to Laman's Landing in Ludington and visit my grandma (if she's up there at all during my stay)
- See Superman Returns The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift & Click
- Do a tour of my eye doctor, dentist, and GP (so I can actually get refills on my Rxs again)
- Trip to beach (if not accomplished during aforementioned fireworks)
- Make-up Dungeon visit (and other usual restaurants indulgences)

Anybody want in on any of that? Joe, you like roller coasters/water parks? ;-)
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