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mieko (profile) wrote,
on 6-16-2006 at 11:04pm
Last day for me going to school.
Screw Monday.

I saw Tristan. When I passed him, I thought he was about to walk around the corner on my right, but I guess he changed his mind, because I walked into the hallway and ...

Him; Hey, asian! :D
Me; Oooh, hi Tristan! [And I don't know why, but I turned around and waited for him to catch up to me.] It's been a while!
Him; Yeah, it has been a while since Health last semester. So... how's life?
Me; Umm, okay. I'm probably gonna fail Algebra 2A.
Him; Oh.. ugh. Well that's okay. I failed pretty much everything except Health. :];;
Me; Haha, nice. xD =];

Then we went different directions, and we said Later.
Very lame.

But it made me happy beyond all reason.
And sad at the same time, because.. I don't know. We were going.
We briefly talked.
We left.

I wish I could be in one of his classes, at least one next year.
But he's being lame and failing everything.
How's he going to live..?


I never got to take that Ch. 6 test. o_o
I have a 79% in Biology AND CP English. So EFFING CLOSE.
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