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fadingintoblue (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2006 at 11:22pm
Subject: Things I want
1) To stop being pathetic and stop being sad.
2) To be back at Goucher with Allison as my roommate, and maybe Willa as the cool person down the hall.
3) To not feel awkward with people I should be comfortable with.
4) To stop worrying about everything
5) To sleep--I get about 9 or 10 hours but it takes forever to get asleep and then I toss and turn and wake up six times and I can't function the next day
6) To stop crying at commercials; it's embarrassing
7) A successful relationship
8) My dad to stop his double-standards, because even though I ought to be flattered that he holds me to a higher standard than Jennie, I'm not
9) To be nicer to people
10) To feel like people don't judge me and find me wanting.
11) Attention, and not in the bad way that I hate, but in the pressure free way, like when someone listens and you can tell they hear everything
12) To be better at listening
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