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kitty2004 (profile) wrote,
on 6-24-2006 at 7:03pm
Current mood: annoyed
Subject: Life
ok glad I got that off my chest! I don't understand life some times. I mean why do ppl do the things they do? I guess it's just me. Like today I asked some one to stop by so I could talk to them and what happens, they leave with my sister, who also knew i wanted to talk to the person........ Grrrrrrrr
Why can't I say the things I want to? There is this person that i really enjoy being around and at the same time this person seems to like me too. But then stupid sh*t like this happens. Why can't I just stay mad at them and get it done and over with? Some times I wonder if it would be easier to just shut down all emotion. I mean just stay at one constant state of mellow. Not have to deal with happy,sad,lust,love,pain,heartache, etc...... who knows maybe i'm makeing a big deal out of nothing. oh well life sucks move on right
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