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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 6-29-2006 at 11:26pm
Why is everyone in Rome skinny? I saw one fat person today and he could have had a tumor or some health condition, hes the ONLY one! My grandmaís pretty damn skinny and basically lives off of costco samples, and I think thatís where I get my wrists and arms from. Definitely not the rest of my body. I think Iím like 1.5 Italians wide. On the bright side, if it matters, almost every guy is gorgeous. Well I need to make some better calculations than that, while Iím up on my balcony during the day. But, at least, one in four is good looking. And good looking in Italy means VERY good looking, and also smoking, unfortunately. Iíve realized that I can measure distance in Rome by cigarettes on the ground. Itís just different for every area. Where I was there were about 10 cigarettes per square foot, so I passed up thousands.
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