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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2006 at 11:28pm
I bought some useful things today: a pretty big flag, a bumper sticker, some other stickers, (you should know by now I was in a touristy area at one point), a gardenia, yummy Italian toothpaste, and I don’t remember what else. I think the gardenia’s named Alessandro, because after I bought it the movie Alexander was on, which is basically a few hours of colin farrell being a woman (with very bad highlights and an interesting mini skirt). And I’d already thought of this plant being given a man’s name even though it’s so delicate… well Alessandro works pretty well. I’m gonna have it for 5 weeks in my apartment so its not really a waste of money, and at the end I’ll give it to the receptionist at the Candia apartments because I met her today and she’s extremely nice, which is especially notable because she has a French accent. Hough-hough-hough (that’s my French laugh).

I love being here during the world cup. About half an hour before Italy played, the streets emptied out, and there were flags hanging out of windows everywhere (mine is sorta visible from the street but no one really looks 6 floors up.) After every goal I ran onto the balcony and could hear people yelling and honking horns and going crazy, it made me SO HAPPY. I was just so tired during the first half it was hard to keep my eyes open even though I wanted to so bad, and the only thing close to a dessert in the room was tic-tacs (the tropical cherry kind!) So my mom and I went up to the roof café and I got some sorta gelato covered in chocolate and it woke me up entirely. But where was del piero?? I never saw him, che peccato. People are singing “vittoria” now and waving flags around, its awesome. It looks like everyone is walking down to piazza del popolo, its basically a parade. They’re now singing the tune “seven nation army” I think, out of key and with Italian words, and I’m jealous cuz I’m just staring from up here and I also don’t know the words to that victory song. cant wait till the next game when I can run around outside with my roommates. Oh yeah, poor Argentina, but whatever. I’m pretty confident that Italy’s better than Germany… it would kick much ass if they won. Molto culo.
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