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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2006 at 11:29pm
Okay, I can only handle putting down a few thoughts and realizations every day, cuz now that we’ve actually begun work Im gonna be SO BUSY. But first of all, I’m SOOO EXCITED for Italy vs. Germany tomorrow. They need to win. After that, they could potentially beat France because I think France’s victory over Brazil may have been a fluke. I didn’t see the whole game, but the one goal was just a random-bounce-off-the-leg. Which, mind you, was the only way Italy ever had a goal against them. So France could be really good, but not necessarily. Anyways, I have my outfit almost ready. Dark green shirt, white skirt, tomorrow I’ll pick up my red shoes (they better have my size or I’ll find some others), red belt and rose for my hair but maybe it looks too spanish but also red glass chili pepper earrings and a big red necklace. Oh and I have red lipstick. I’m SOOO EXCITED yes I already said that.
Now I’m sorta watching “Tango &Cash” which is a crappy cop vs. bad guy movie from the year I was born, with Sylvester Stallone and some guy I don’t care about and Terri Hatcher as the stripper and designated hot chick. But Stallone was definitely at his peak in this movie. I mean eyes don’t change but in this movie especially his eyes are so gorgeous… and he’s “speaking” Italian (I mean its dubbed. He probably can speak Italian. He better.) The rest of his face is pretty funny looking right now actually, but who cares about that. AHHHHHHHHHHH. You’d think I’d have enough with all the italian guys around, but no. Actually today I only saw like 3 hot guys I think, which is way down from the usual amount.
Also, as always, I am so sweaty. If I stayed in one place long enough I would drown. Want to know how much I’ve been sweating? (Yes, you do). I’ve been drinking probably twice as much water as I usually do and peeing the same amount. You wanted to know!
Another reason italian guys are awesome: they aren’t so insecure about their dicks that they need to drive a noisy escalade with 20 inch rims and spinners. Yeah, the people who can afford ferraris will buy ferraris, but otherwise no one fucking cares about what their car “says about them”. They’ll drive an old FIAT that could fit through their doorway AND THEY LOOK BETTER driving it.
Okay this is way too long but theres so much to say. But theres so many creepers here. The guys are either hot or creepy. And theres a kind of fine line between them.
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