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0x-FwAh-Em-ChAn-x0 (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2006 at 5:08pm
Current mood: Jet-lag
Subject: wo0t
Back in my own damn house ^^ I just got home from Michigan ( I left Friday evening and returned Sunday-day) annnd.. yah.
It was fun.

So yeah. Last you heard from me was.. Friday. Okay. So I went to Roadhouse with my dad and we had the habanero chicken sangwiches which really weren't that spicy at all, then he dropped me at Jadie's which wasn't too far away. The Jadelaloo and I rejoiced and then - as a Jade came home and Emily's leaving present - we got to babysit her baby sister!


Lmfao. So yeah. We fed the welp of our affections and bathed her and put her to sweepy-Bees. Then we watched TV and movies and Jade and I simpy adore "The Little Princess." That movie is so good. o--o So Kimmeh came home and it was her neighbor David's birthday. We went outside to congregate at all hours of the night with his friends and he - like we usually do. Yap.

Anyways, I went home at liek.. 2 am. Jadie was out so I went to sleep and then we got up and went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"! ^^ Jadie dressed liek a pirate ^^!!! And I gave her a braid. Yah. S'good.It kinda went to shit went my dad got to Kimmeh's and Jadie and I were still at the movies. He was a bit flustered about that, but we ended up getting to the airport with just enough time. Southwest is a hippie airline o--o They believe in free seating, so if you ever fly with them with other people whom you'd like to sit with, try to get into group A. Lawl. My dad sat infront of me 'cause everyone like.. took up the aisle seat and the window seat, not the ones in between, so those are the ones my father and I got.

Omfg, so we're in Detroit and it's 12 am Saturday morning and the Avis bus takes us to the rental place and the line is taking for fucking ever. I'm just like.. dying. Because I want to get to my grandma's. We finally get a damn car and we ended up going the wrong way. Thankfully I'm a genius and told my dad to turn around and we got on the right track. So we get to grandma's at liek.. 1 - 1:30 am. And I slept on a couch. ^^

NINE FUCKING AM. Bright and early, bitches. o--o Yeah. I slept like.. 8 hours. It's a miracle. I usually soak up 10-12. Anyways we ( my chick cousin, her friend, my brothers, and I ) are assigned the "DISTRACT YO GRAMAMMY" mission, so we go to the mall with gramma ^^ Kristen ( my cousin ) and Kelly ( her friend ) disappear into Hollister and all of those skin-severing boutiques and my brothers, grandma, and I just kinda wander around. Then we find a Hot Topic <3 My mom only gave me 30 dollars .__. and it was a STRONG debate between the Jack Sparrow messenger bag ( which was REALLY HOT ) and this cute little pinstripe vest.

The pinstripe vest won. Emily likes vests. So I purchased, ending up having to borrow a buck from my brother, and then we went to the food court to continue our stalling. We munched Taco Hell and talked about birthdays, because that's all of what us kids were thinking about since we were keeping our good ol' g-ma out of the house for -- surprise birthday party set up. Our grandma tapes together the amount of ones ( $15 for a 15th birthday ) together for us and sends it to us and we're liek "WOULDN'T IT BE SO FUNNY IF WE DID THAT FOR YOU, GRANDMA? 70 BUCKS TAPED TOGETHER, HAHAHA." and we were having a good old laugh about that.

Because we did tape 70 bucks together.


Which we did as well.

XDDD We are sou good. So finally the stalling ends and we head home and David ( one of my brothers ) almost fuckin' ruins it. My dad was texting him and David reads out loud "Message me when you get to the picket fence, what? Dad, gawd, leave me alone!" and I reach my hand behind J ( my other brother ) and smack Dave and Kristen and Kelly are freaking out, thinking that my grandma caught on but apparentally she didn't 'cause she was pretty damn surprised when she walked in the house. XD

Poor dear started crying, it was so sweet. So yeah, frolicing and mischief and "Barbie's Fairytopia : Mermaidia" ensued with younger chick-cousins. Annnd.. I hid in the basement and drew and listened to Panic! At the Disco. xDD I'm good. Then there was an 11 pm McDonald's run because Taco Hell wasn't enough deep-fried fat for stick-twins Kristen and Kelly. I tagged along because.. I'm a girl. o--o;; Perhaps. >--->;

So yeah. Got up this morning at fucking 8 am and went to the air port. Things went pretty smoothly. I slept through both flights pretty much. And here I am. My ears are still popping.

Much love, dawlies.



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