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shinoakurei (profile) wrote,
on 7-20-2006 at 7:36am
Heres an update for you.

Im looking an another wonderful weekend of overtime, which means no going out with the guys on friday. I got a girlfriend whos wither pissed at me or lvoes me and any given moment, it serves to throw me off. As if I was good at this balance thing...Anywho, my paychecks are nice, but I could do without the government and old and sick people taking a hundred and something out of it every week. Greedy old sick bastards.

As it stands we'll be working overtime every weekend from now till likely september if we can't get some new employees that actually make it more than two days. You would think that we were running around in a combat zone, on top of an active volcano, backwards with how hard people claim the work is. Two words, It's not. I've been there almost two months and I can do 10 to 12 hours of production in 8 hours. I made production the second night I was there. Give me a break they act like its hard or something.
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