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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 7-22-2006 at 3:24pm
Current mood: DISGUSTING! i totally need a shower
Subject: let's fuck each other up

okay so.. over the past couple of days there has been so much fighting!! just the thought of it all makes my adrenaline rush like crazy and also, me want to punch a wall.. if not someone's face.

anyone wanna fight?
i know bishops down for it and i told bubby i was gonna fight her today. he said, "no. no. not while we're gone, wait til i can video tape it!!" and so i said i was going to wait til they all got back, but then him and jordan said to jsut wait til a nice day so neither of us could use it to our advantage and so the excuse "it was slippy and muddy out," can't be used.
i dunno, fighting a bitch in the mud sounds cool regardless.
maybe that's just me...

after i last wrote..

i just sit here and eat practically all day while justin's at work.
that's all i do.
wake up, put clohtes in the washer, eat, update this thing, take a shower, brush my teeth, dry my hair, do my make up, eat, watch tv, put clohtes in the dryer, take a nap, wake up & eat, fold clothes, watch tv, take a nap.
that's my schedule every day.

anyways, i was making some soup and butter bread when justin comes home and yells at me. =(
he yelled at me for making food!!!
i was soo excited.

we hurried and raced the clock to try to fix my car to make it to the back porch in three hours!
unfortunately, we didn't make it.
BUT FORTUNATELY! johnny let us borrow his car!!

fuck the caddy. !!!!!!!!!
it makes me mad.

i rushed around with no clothes to wear and no time to run to my house.
luckily, i found a pair of jeans.
a shirt was still so far away.
so i texted liz while justin was on his way back with johnny's car.
she said we oculd stop over jill's to get a shirt!! =)
BUT THEN! i forgot that i didn't have shoes becuase one of my flip flops (AND MY DAMN FAVORITE PAIR) vanished. =(
justin came up with the idea to get the key to kaylin's room.
so i was looking in the hall closet when i remember DUHH all of her clothes were in there!
so i borrowed one of her shirts and a pair of flip flops.

dinner was absolutely amazing.
if i didn't mention before, we went to the back porch.
justin got baby back ribs and i got "tuscan chicken."
it was soo delicious. my meal was chicken stuffed with spinach and red peppers. both dinners were accompanied by cheesy potatoes and a vegetable medley.
it was seriously the best meal i ever ate in my life.
well, it should've been because our bill was like $50.
i had the best time ever.

we were on our way back to johnny's afterwards and justin's on the phone with kris because he was supposed to call him when we peaced from the back porch.
kris said christina got in a fight!!
BABY christina got in a fight! she is 5'0 and 90 lbs. and the tiniest thing you will ever see.
i couldn't believe it.
and the next words to come out of justin's mouth when he was retelling me the ordeal was that christina not only got into her FIRST fight, but she also fought sarah bishop!!
she said she was beat up really bad and we were meeting them at johnny's.
jordan pulled up nex tto us at the red light at wendy's so we told him to follow us there.
we got there and i saw how bad christina was exaggerating.
haha she really wasnt beat up at all, she just had this little cut on her nose.
i was expecting her to have to get stitches or atleast have some black eyes. but nope, nothing. just a little cut.
but apparently that cut was a bleeder.
kris showed me the t-shirt she put on over her own shirt so it wouldn't get ruined and it was COVERED in blood.
i would NO WAY have expected that much blood. i was so amazed.

she had some scratches all over her neck and back but other than that she was absolutely fine. she's so cute. i told her i was proud that she was so brave.

jordan and kristen left and we chilled at johnny's for a little bit.

we left there and drove around with kris and christina, trying to find something to do.
when we gave up, kris dropped me and bubby off at bubby's house.

i wasn't tired at all and he was passing out, and it was pissing me off.
i said, "let's smoke a blunt."
he said, "okay," but didn't move.
after i sat and begged, he told me to roll it.
so i'm sitting there, rolling this blunt as the lazy dickhead is sleeping.
"juuusssttiiin, pleaaasseee. this leaf won't stay onnn..."
he said, "okay just wait til i wake up,"
so i just rolled it myself.
then.. he wouldn't get up to smoke it!!!
i told him i was smoking it myself. he said "peace"
i got up with the blunt and walked to the dining room,
"don't you smoke that blunt!!"

finally, i gave up and sat and whined in the living room.
shaun called and i was in the middle of a conversation when justin's barely conscious arm came right towards my face to get the phone.
he got the phone all right, he went flying out of my hands as his fingertips hit my mouth.
he said, "i'm soo sorry. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to. i'm sooo sorry."
i stomped away and sat outside.
then i came in and layed on the couch.
i don't even remember laying back on the bed with him, but i woke up there.

we got up and smoked that blunt with shaun.
we came back and their boss called them and asked if they want to help him move furniture for $50 each.

shaun left and me and justin layed around.
we smoked half a blunt when shaun and jordan got here.
they left to go work for a couple hours and here i am.

i am going to put clohtes in the washer and take a damn shower.
peace ya'll!
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