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jacqui-chan (profile) wrote,
on 7-23-2006 at 10:03pm
Current mood: drained
Music: silence
Subject: Stolen survey
1. are you missing someone right now?: kinda'
2. are you happy: I'm confused which is hindering the happy thing
3. are you talking to anyone right now: No
4. are you bored: Yes
5. are you german: a little
6. are you irish: maybe...
7. are you french: Yes
8. are you Italian: maybe
9. are your parents still married: Happily
10. are you in love with someone right now: Funny how you can love but not be IN love

1. hometown: Cedar Springs
2. hair color: Blonde
4. hair style: I don't think it's named
5. eye color: Blue
6. shoe size: 8
7. mood: Overwhelmed
8. orientation: umm...
9. available?: Pretty much
10. lefty/righty: Righty

1. have you ever been in love: Yep, it's getting over it that's the issue
2. do you believe in love: Obviously
3. why did your last relationship fail: Because we're both stuburn, I can be a witch, and he can be the most selfish, cold-hearted jerk on the planet.
4. have you ever been heart broken: Mmhmm
5. have you ever broken someone's heart?: Yes
6. have you ever fallen for your best friend: Does it count if he turned into my best friend and I fell for him all over again?
7. have you ever liked someone but never told them: Many times
8. are you afraid of commitment: Kind of, I'm too young to know who "the one" is... so why commit to ONE person?
9. have you ever kissed someone you liked: Yep
10. have you ever had a secret admirer: Don't think so.

1. love or lust: In a way, they're interchangable
2. hard liquor or beer: umm... neither
3. night or day: Night
4. one night stands or relationships: How about dating a few guys at once for a while... not just a night
5. television or internet: internet (it's got TV too)
6. pepsi or coke: PEPSI
7. wild night out or romantic night in: In
8. colored pictures or black and white pictures: Black and white
9. phone or in person: In person
10. aim or phone: Phone

1. been caught sneaking out?: Never snuck out
2. skinny dipped?: Nope
3. done something you regret?: Oh yea
4. bungee jumped?: Nope
5. been on a house boat?: Yea
6. finished an entire jaw breaker?: Mmhmm
7. wanted someone so badly it hurt?: Wanted how?
8. been caught by your parents with a hickey?: No
9. danced in the rain?: Of course
10. had a hang over?: Nope, never.
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