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alastar (profile) wrote,
on 7-25-2006 at 12:29am
Subject: stalking quietly, shhh, through the jungle

I could hear the bones crepitating in Her throat as She worked Her mandible back and forth

grinding and cracking

and She unhinged Her jaw, opening wide with strings of saliva cascading from tooth to tooth.

swaying from side to side, hypnotizing with fierce and
glaring rapacious eyes that singed my skin

as the fangs unfolded.
- - | - -

I didn't even see Her move
or feel the fangs as they sank into my throat

all I felt was the pressure
the suffocation

the rich and saccharine venom being pumped into my esophagus
by the syringes of Her fanges

- - | - -

the trails are darkly carved in, narrowly avoiding arteries

and my skin is
perforated by serrated teeth
bruised around the punture wounds
numbed from within

by ataractic poison

slightly infected; they remind me of You
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