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quenya (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2003 at 9:22pm
Current mood: shocked
Oh my god..about 20 min ago thisguy wanted inside my house! He said it was about the cable.I told him about how everything is fine and he couldn't come in. And by the way his breath stank and how he talked, I think he was high or drunk. :x He tried to walk nside but I shut the door on him and locked it. Damn luck I have.. I couldn't find the phone and Dustin was all worried about mesince I told him someone was at the door online. Plus, I tripped and pulled out the phoneline and it ssigned me off. I guess that's a good thing because dustin told his dad and his dad came over and got the guy to leave, then called the poliec.He could of been a rapist!!! There's been so many of thosereported on the toledo news here lately. :( Dustin was so's nice to have afriend like him.
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