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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2006 at 3:19am
Current mood: tired
Music: Matchbox 20-Long Day
Subject: A little bit of everything
Well it's work but the money has been really good for out of season since im a bar back. I am still broke as hell though, lacking the abilty to do shit thats needed. A new computer, clothes, fixing my brakes on my car. And financially my bills are only getting higher. I have my moms stroke to thank for all of this financial stuff, but we have survived this far and things look okay enough to maintain the status quo for now. I love the people I work with so that is certainly helping, although the hours suck and I probably wont have a friday or saturday off for the next 5 years. (don't laugh its been 9 months since i've had one).

Well, thanks to all of my grants and hard work in high school its all still getting paid for. Last year i recieved $9600 in financial aid and tuition was like $5000 so i got $4600 back in cash which helped me tremendously to pay the bills. I am ready to go back soo bad. I got 25 credits last year and if all goes well with me taking 14 this semester and 12 in the spring that should put me at 51 credits. I need 120 to graduate so hopefully i get there. I miss soo many people, not that i have many really good friends but just having people to hang out with and talk to helps me deal with everything. I pray i dont feel half as overwhelmed as i did last year because it sucked monkey balls.

Social Life/Relationships
Well neither really exists much, everytime i try and hang out with people its always bullshit or at least many times it is. Like with Adrienne thats kind of how i percieve things to be, as if she doesnt really want to hang out with me and trying to be nice about it. I feel like i cant trust anyone when people do shit like that. I really miss Dee and Yeleni and some of my friends from Cypress because they are all really nice people and i love all of them. I miss other people at FGCU too but being honest, I haven't actually done anything with any of them and i am not really close to anyone there. I go there to get a degree not to make friends, i want to make friends but unforunately i cant go drink and get high every weekend because I actually have responsibilites. Between taking care of my moms stuff and what naturally is mine to deal with i dont have much time and dont feel the need wasting it with a bunch of people who are full of shit anyways. I really want to have a g/f, but i just have to sit tight. I'm thinking about asking someone who gets back in the states in like mid august and i go to school with. I don't really know, i want to hang out with her and see if shes really intrested and stuff. I feel like she might be the one of the maybe half a dozen people who is there for me when shits wrong and who is always sincere to me and understands. Certainly even if we never get together, shes still one of my better friends.

Just Stuff
I have been getting a lot done lately, around the house and otherwise. I cleaned out my closet and cleaned my room, went through all my moms old stuff in her file boxes and shredded what she didnt need which was like everything. I'm trying to get more organized before school starts. Better now when I have time then once school starts.

Plans/thoughts on things
I MIGHT be going to sunsplash wednesday, so if you want to come let me know before hand. So far it's my cousin and this kid i know from the north cape, erik. If you dont have a car i can give you a ride or have erik get you if your in the cape somewhere. You have to be able to pay your own way though, im broke enough as it is and every bit of fun i have, i earn so you should too.
As far as any thoughts i have, if your thinking about trying to play bullshit on me and change plans at the last minute or say your going to do something and not do it, then expect the same from me. I'm sick of trying to be nice to dickheads who are either incompetent or don't have sense enough to realize that im not going to sit around and wait for a phone call all day. If you screw me, i screw you so just be forwarned. My patience is really short with people nowdays, and if you choose to make commitments you can't honor on a regular basis then don't waste your time even talking to me because obviously i dont mean much to you.
With that being said
peace out

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