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Jacqui-Chan (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2006 at 10:48pm
Current mood: crushed
Subject: Tied up in ancient history... again
WHY am I jealous?? I should NOT be jealous!! So he kissed her, so what? I've kissed other guys... no biggie. Only it is... like a LOT!!! I know I shouldn't like him, but I do. See before the other girl didn't like him, then the other girl had a boyfriend... but this other girls is single and CRAZY about him. I HATE that. I hate that more than anything else in my whole life. I felt my heart jump from my chest and land at his feet when he told me that. And do you know the worst part? The last thing he said was, "You're still my best friend, right?" HELLO!!!! You just killed me... you made me be completely freaked out and upset all day, but of course I'll still be your best friend. Why not? I LOVE shooting myself in the foot.

I hate boys... stupid stupid creatures.
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