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dimthesun (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2006 at 12:00am
Current mood: Spoogly
Music: Keep It On Wax - Alexisonfire
Subject: 1st Post.
Well hello there fellow woohu-er.
I bet you're excited that i decided to update.
[Nawt really since nobody will ever read this.]
Anyways i know it's pointless,
But oh well i'm bored and Steffy's journal is making me jealous.

Everyone on here has a wicked japanese name,
Unfortunatly i'm canadian so i dont.
Although it would be much apreciated if you could find it in your heart to call me rAhx
...or Shisu ^^
No i lied, don't call me rAhx.

I don't exactly know what im supposed to be writting here.

Oh did you know that not only have From First To Last dropped out of the Warped Tour, but now Underoath have too.
Mhmm. It sucks , i know , but at least Alexisonfire<3 haven't.

Wooo~ phone is ringing so i'll end it here.
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