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0x-FwAh-Em-ChAn-x0 (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2006 at 4:11pm
Current mood: Giggly, unpack-ee
Music: Waking Up Beside You - Stabbing Westward
Subject: ECKS DEE.
Eric: i luv u

Auto response from Emila: What?


Eric: y did u crush my <3
Eric: you broke my life
Eric: foiyuyuyuyu
Eric: uyuyyuuyyydfgjkdkyh

Emila: LMFAO

Haha, you remember that guy ^^ I asked him to go out with me and then I was liek "JUST KIDDING LAWL." And he was liek "WHUT. I knew yoo were." Greatness ^^

Anyways, I'm unpacking my room. My dad said that's how I could have a party tomorrow, getting everything back in my room. Though I don't know where it's all ganna go =x

I went and got my schedule today e--e;; S'good. But I didn't get Portfolio 1! She wrote me down in the 40 she could take and I was like.. number 17! WTF MRS. KRUG. >----<

I submitted a schedule changer but if it doesn't go through, I'm gonna go into Mr. White's keyboarding class. >--<

Ms. Kunf taught that scary Lehrman Saturday class I was in. I am not going to have fun this year.. ~sighuu~ It will be much work.. T---T I'm going to hurt.

So yeah. If you haven't heard about tomorrow evening and you've met me and/or have been to my house before, I'm tossing a "Shit, school's here" party at 6 or 7 pm 'til about 11 or midnight-ee. Ish. So come if you can. And bring some crowd-quantity snack-ee foods. Because you love me and don't want me to buy a million dollars worth of food.

Oh yeah, no substance abuse during or before this dig, please.

I don't like it. Seriously. And I will rip you apart. Seriously.

And people will help me because they love me.


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