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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 8-14-2006 at 11:59pm
I figure its time for an update so here it goes..........

I start back next Tuesday, I'm really excited too andI'm hoping that when i go back everything will go well this semester. I'm definetly missing a lot of people that I know from school. Hopefully I can boost my GPA some and meet some new people.

Work has been going alright, I'm kind of concerned about what season will bring though. It has been tough, and thats during the slow season so we shall see. Hopefully I will get more hours too so that way i can make money and get some stuff taken care of and have fun once in a while.

The Mothera
Shes finally going to go back to work in the next week or two hopefully. My hope is that I will finally have extra money and be able to save/not have to worry about her as much. I know that what im doing isn't financially feasible without her working so she either works or i move somewhere else. There really is no other option and shes finally realizing that. I'm trying to help her, but she has to want to help herself also and sitting on her ass complaining simply doesn't cut it anymore.

Social life
Well, once Carl and Andres leave for Tampa next week most of that goes out the window. I'm hoping to hang out with Adrienne once in a while for pool and maybe drink with Dee once in a while. Everything should be better than last year, because my life is finally beginning to calm down. I still feel like no one really grasps what im going through and I do have this feeling that I'm all alone sometimes. I am beginning to feel better about things though as time goes on, hopefully everything goes well this semester and I meet some decent people to hang out with.

I'm really not sure what to say here. Jess wants to be with me but neither of us will move. Plus she has charles up there which complicates everything. I know she cares about me though which does make me feel better, but its not the same as having someone whos here physically to go and do stuff with. Then theres Dee who I want to ask out but she keeps mixing her signals. Sometimes she wants to talk to me and i feel like were good friends and other times she doesnt seem to and it confuses me. I am thinking about asking her out but i really have no clue how she feels and how she would react so i havent said anything yet.

Other Stuff
I have a busy week ahead of me, but hopefully everything goes well. I still need to save some money up for when I get out of college/get my own place in a year to two years. I want to use my mom working to help pay down her debt and get her stuff taken care of.
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