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shroudofrain (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2006 at 11:59am
Subject: Hope:
Ok, let's all face it: We're all struggling with life. I mean, life is so long, and what do you get out of it? An eternity six feet under. There's very little hope in this life anymore. I mean, what's the difference in dying tomorrow, or thirty years from tomorrow? You aren't going to make it out of this life alive anyway!
Well, let me tell you something: You are so much more than you realize yourself to be, but you must have hope that you are. Yes, you may have faith that you can do something magnificent in this life, to have your name be remembered so people can say, "Yeah, he did that." But... without hope, what is faith rather than just anticipation that something will happen? What is faith without hope rather than just... another emotion? But with hope... with hope that desire becomes more than just an emotion; more than just a drive to do your best. It becomes that much more to fight for. It becomes that much more to die for. The hope that you can change a person's life forever, or hell, even your life forever... isn't that worth dying for, people? Isn't that worth going six feet under for? To hear God say, "YEAH! YOU DID THAT! AWESOME! HI-FIVE!" Isn't that worth ninety plus years of suffering, knowing that you changed someone's life for the better? Just because of your hope interwoven in faith, you gave someone else just that much more hope that they can do something magnificent with their life! I don't know about you, but I call that a miracle!
If you have the hope that you can be better than you really are, that will not only change your life, but it will change the life of others. Have hope, and you will make it! Yet, anything else -with the exception to love- is just another emotion. It's just something you feel for that moment; not really much else to it than that!
Have hope, and you will astonish even the bitterest of people in the world!
Hope can make a man drop to one knee holding out a wedding ring to a woman; hope can make the strongest man in the world fall to his knees and cry. Hope can even make the difference between life or death in a person; hope, in it's purest form, -like love- made a man let the people he came down to save put him on a cross to have him die. Hope made a follower of the greatest man in the world walk on water for a moment. Hope... helped people to write a thousand page book about how much a God, that created you, loves you so deeply.
You are so, so much more than you realize, but you have to have the hope that you are. If you don't, then you are missing out on the greatest feeling you will ever have in your life: The overwhelming feeling that you have something to look forward to; that you have something to fight for just that much harder. Don't believe what society tells you, because you can make it through this life feeling accomplished. You can be laying on your deathbed and feel that it was all worthwhile! But, you have to have hope that you are more than what others tell you; you have to have hope that you are more than what you tell yourself you are.
Have hope, and you will accomplish things that most only dream of accomplishing! And, maybe, your accomplishments will give someone else the hope to accomplish what they dream of accomplishing.
Though there's only one reason for hope, it's something we all need: More reason to fight. More reason to hold on just a second longer. Hope gives more reason to fight just that much harder in your life for what you set your heart on achieving. Hope is the foundation of your beliefs; without it, children in terminal sections of hospitals wouldn't be there right now, because they would be among the others in the graveyard just up the street. If little children don't have hope, then what hope is there for us to have the hope we need to believe in what we want those children to accomplish? I mean, don't we want them to get better? So here's a challenge for you: Visit a hospital's terminally ill section; find people that don't have hope... and give them some! And that's only the start. There is so much more that you can do to give hope to people, but whether that's how you start, or that's what you work up to doing, make sure you do that sometime in your life. Life is short, and without hope, it's even shorter.
Have hope, and you will make it through this life feeling it was all worthwhile. I guarantee it!
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