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moondogg33333 (profile) wrote,
on 8-21-2006 at 11:05pm
the one thing that i hate about posting on here and the main reason i leave is that fact all kinds of shit happens and i just don't feel like typing it all.
I always say ill just do it tomorrow and never do.
SOOO starting from like saturday.
I spendt most of the day with a girl i know named Rachel we had a good day lots of fun.
sunday i did nothing but talk to pepople on line and play video games with my nephew hunter.
FIrday we beat southport 34-14 at there field in southport and there is nothing like football in the world.
i know Soccer is fuckin nuts but god football is just hard to really say all the stuff u feel befor, during and after a game.
ITs crazy.
Today i had school and its really fast to me right now and that Kicks ass cause school sucks in its own way.
One thing i do see in the halls is that people are really happy and thats good.
I hate when people I'm me when I'm trying so hard to post here.
I type like i talk so when i talk to someone else it really gets me off track.
anyway i need to get to bed so i hope all my friends that are sick feel better and get well soon.
LOve and peace Pete
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