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moondogg33333 (profile) wrote,
on 8-27-2006 at 12:08am
Subject: Point to the sky and BANG
ok so when i think my weekend could not top last week man i was sooooo wrong and i still have one day left.BEfor i get in to this i would like to say its raining like FUCK and i love it.ANyway Friday school is sooo slow but that happens when u want time to pass really fact.WE played East Central last night in one of the best games of my life.This was not a d game but a offence Shoot out.That gave us they had and then some but we stood tuff and kept are will to come up with the huge win in ot.RIght when the kicker missed the stand ran on the field and there were PEOple everywhere,giving out hugs and high fives and slaps on the arms.The players where jumping around and yellin and screaming.THe game was so close and it came down the last kick in the last sec in ot.SOOO after the big game GO franklin saturday rolls in and im dead a sleep in my bed.11 oclock rolls in and i have to get up to go to my neices 1st birthday party.HAPPY B-day Maddie.1 year all ready its crazy how time flys.Anyway the party was fun cake and food was had by all and fun was had.I come home at 4 get online and shirl tells me to come over cause stuff has happened and i might want to get in to it.So i head over. i walk all the way to her house and hang out with her and Brittney Rude for a while.We get bored and go for a walk and this is where the fun starts.We walk to Shane Witts house and walk right the fuck in and man that was odd i mean i walked right in to this house and no one cared maybe like 20 people all in all and not a blink.We left cause he was not home thank god,then walk over to the college.only to find that this week is rush week. Rush week is really just freshman orention with better everything.SO we sneek and me being the master planner i am get us t-shirts and hats by trying this nasty drink from this group that is trying to make 7 different types of drinks for colleges.They are nasty but anyway. i try them all and i get a nice black shirt now i fit in and shirl gets a we walk around and they have free food and a bull to ride + other games like american gladeator fighting and basketball and this game like they had at post prom where u pull ur self in a ace to this basketball goal.We do all that then i win at ring toss and get my name in a raffel to win another t shirt and yes i won yayaya.Well after that we got baloon hats and stuff and got arm paint in stuff like that.THen we walked britt hone and walk back to eat at the college cause of the free food then me and shirl sang karokie walked around for while then cam to my house to take pics on myspace.
GOd we had to much fun so ya thats my day and there is ooo so more to do tomorrow. i'm goin to get me some cupcakes and a glass of milk so Peace out
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