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fadingintoblue (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2006 at 2:33pm
I hate this. Well, maybe not hate. Hate is a strong emotion that takes energy to have, so I'd hate this if I wasn't so tired.

I think I'm getting depressed again. I always seem to go in waves. It doesn't help that my support system at school is again patchy. I miss Allison and Nicole and Steve (not in a "want to date him" sense, but I miss his friendship).

And I'm bored, and I'm sitting around a lot, and I'm worrying about a lot of things, and I don't get my roommate, and I'm having trouble getting into a good sleep pattern, and I'm afraid I might have too much work this semester, and I don't know.

I miss camp. I miss everything being so predictable and I miss my friends.

And I know that I need to be proactive. I need to make new friends, I need to pour myself into my classes, I need to stop sitting around and get out and do stuff even if it's by myself. But I'm just so tired.
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