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Jacqui-Chan (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2006 at 10:16pm
Current mood: thankful
Music: Whose Line is it Anyway
Subject: In this river all shall fade to black...
Josh is perfect. He told me that if he ever found out someone made me cry he'd beat them. He said I have never and will never deserve that pain. He told me that I'm amazing, and that he never wants to leave me. We never fight, we never hurt eachother. We'd never do something stupid that we know the other would dislike. We love eachother. When he looks at me I know that he doesn't want anyone else, he just wants me. And he doesn't care that I'm a dork, and that I do stupid stuff. He just cares about me the way I am and wouldn't have it any other way. I like that a LOT! He is the jealous type, but he doesn't care that I'm friends with Cory. He even told me to keep a picture of Cory and I from prom, up in my room. Of course it is next to what will soon be a picture of Josh and I from Homecoming this year. Hmm... perfection.

So Josh's family is coming over on Sunday for a lunch/dinner. My Dad is making this thing called beer can chicken. Very redneck... but very good. When Josh told his dad about it he said "Oh, we're goin'!" I thought that was funny. His Mom's all nervous though, she said she's weird around new people. I doubt that though... she's SO outgoing. It would be odd to see her be shy. Anyway, I hope it all goes well. I think Rob and my dad will get along, but I'm not completely sure about the moms. They're a bit different than one another. We'll see I guess. If all goes as planned they'll be friends and be much more comfortable with Josh and I being together. ROCK ON!!

Anywho, I should get going now. Gotta' do absolutely nothing and wait for the fam. to get back home. Peace out home skillet. Love.

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