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tails (profile) wrote,
on 9-9-2006 at 1:38am
Music: Gone Going - Black Eyed Peas
Subject: Down And Out
When we give up and fall down
When we run out and give up
Everything ends up with us giving up?
Everything Ends up...UP
so thats a plus right?

I think so. Everything we do ends up being a positive statement on our record. Which we all seem so god damn concerned with. I think we all should just slow down a little bit. like me as well hardcore. Everyone is trying to accomplish things that they dont really want to. just because they feel like they are running out of time to do so. TAKE YOUR FUCKING TIME. we are going to be around for a LEAST another 60 years. so lets fucking use that time to take things slow and do what we want. dont work too hard. and dont spend too much time day dreaming. but do make time for laying in the grass and pretending the clouds are still magical. hug the warm air and play in the snow after dancing in the rain. just have fun. Slow down. and shut up most of all lol. *hugs* just something to think about.
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