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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 9-11-2006 at 11:08pm
So I can't even believe how exatly how relieved to have that history paper done. I haven't been feeling particulary well lately, emotionally im fine but physically it was a rough weekend at work. Since they put me upstairs now my job got a lot more hectic, but i like it better. I've been listening to a lot of music lately, its like a sort of therapy. I'm going out to La Belle tommorow night to spend the night at my grandparents and take my grandfather wednesday to get a stint done in his leg. Things have been going quite well lately, certainly feeling a little lonely but things are getting there. Only roughly 3 years left of college for me (2 1/2 if i do it right) and then i can be free. I haven't even begun to process to think about where I'd like to go live when and if i finish. This last year has certainly been an emotional journey and a half with my mom being sick and trying to hold it all together. I don't think I ever felt more alone and isolated in my life then I did during that time and I hope i never feel like that again. Oh and speaking of my mom, shes going back to work this week.......... she finally got a job. I am really thankful for that, even if she is ungrateful and lazy..... im glad to see shes finally off her ass doing shit. I really miss my friends, I haven't really had much of a social life lately because everyone is so busy and I work weekends. I miss Carl and Andres too, I wish they were still in Fort Myers but I honestly know that Tampa is whats best for them. I also miss talking to Jess, it seems like everytime i talk to her though i get this impression like im making some huge mistake staying down here in fla. Thats total bullshit though, because I feel like in my heart this is whats best for me. That this is what I should be doing with my life. I think I may be playing pool at the perch thursday night ish if anyone wants to play? Obviously im not going to go play by myself, because that would be stupid and make me feel kinda dorkish. As far as other things like September 11th anniversary being today, I didnt really have any thoughts on it. I personally feel that the same enviroment that created that day still exists, that the united states is still viewed by many in the world as heavy handed with its miltary. I personally support the miltary but believe that the United States foreign policy needs to be shifted away from force and towards diplomacy. Force is not to meant to solve everything and should not be used that way, although i agree going after terrorists is one way it should be used. Unforunately Iraq was not a terrorist state when we invaded it, but you can bet your ass that it is now. Terrorists have an oppurtunity that the United States made a mistake in giving them and now they claim victory either way. Even if the US doesn't leave, its image is forever tarnished that it is not some supreme superpower but rather can be defeated with proper tactics. I'm sure Bush is a wonderful person on the inside, but as a miltary commander he lacks the poise and diplomacy to make the decisions he's making. I'm done talking about diplomacy and war now....... lets talk about your mothers sex life. Haha JUST KIDDING...... well not really i banged her last night.
peace out
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