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dazed (profile) wrote,
on 9-28-2006 at 3:13pm
So, last night Jared got into an accident driving home from work and picking up morgan. Both of them are and were fine. Morgan didn't even cry. She just said it scared her. We're pretty much thinking the car is totaled. The rear wheels weren't even turning when it was pulled out of the ditch. A woman in a conversion van hit him in the rear passenger side door and fender... So.. yeah. we're screwed. Our one dependable car and he needs to drive to grand rapids every day. The only other vehicle we have is a 1980 pinto. Great.. just great. Luckily myt parents let him borrow their mustang for today. But who knows how long we'll be with out a car. Jareds parents are letting us borrow the truck. Gas guzzler.. great. :| Then. He hurt his hand/finger today so.. our life just keeps getting better and better.

Oh and another thing. They didn't end up getting home until 8 o'clock last night because someone wouldn't let me come get them. They decided to get a ride from the wrecker to walmart where our friend Parker would pick them up when he got out of work at meijer. He didn't actually get out of work till like seven cuz they got picked up at quarter after seven. If he had just let me pick him up they would have been home at 6:30 or 7. I should have been there but he wouldn't talk to me long enough to even tell me where he was. Otherwise I would have driven out there even though he told me no. ass
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