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dazed (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2006 at 4:17pm
Subject: New Stuff

So, we got news today that 2 or the 3 people looking at jared's bmw have said that it's totaled.

Good news, we might get into the house in rockford this weekend. If we can get some proof to show we are refinancing then he said he can be out by saturday.

I really don't want the bmw to be totaled. There are so many memories with that car. It was beautiful. It's what made me want Jared haha Just kidding. That was just a plus. And it was my dream car (my practical dream car) I always wanted a 328i manual with leather.. damn. Because of some stupid woman.. we won't have a car anymore. Damn conversion van.

On a more serious note. I've been feeling not good enough for Jared. He always talks to all the girls he used to date and stuff and talks about how they are doing this and doing that and blah blah. It makes me feel like shit because I can't even get a job. I'm nothing. Why would he even want to marry me. I mean he must have seen something but.. I don't see anything. I'm not going to school not working and he's paying for everything. I'm a loser man.

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