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nerdalert (profile) wrote,
on 10-5-2006 at 10:39pm
Subject: some more craziness
well since i havent really had any memorable dreams lately that i feel like sharing i'll go back to when i was a child.....sorry laurence youve heard this one before..

so i used to have this reoccuring dream....

i would be in the middle of my parents bed, with my dad on one side of me and mom on the other. Then the bed would split in half and fall over so that it was like a triangle shape with a gap in the middle and my parents would both disapear, and i would roll to the left and be between the wall and the bed.
then from the center would come this human size had the body of a cat but walked like a human and its limbs were attached like a human, and it had a cat head and wore a blue police style hat.
the cat would look at me, then walk out of the room and into the bathroom where my mom was sitting in the vanity and blow drying her hair. the cat had a big sword/knife thing and would be in the swing toward killing my mom and i would wake up before he hit her.....every time. and every time it scared the shit out of me.
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