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moondogg33333 (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2006 at 8:35pm
so ya i cut my fingers open today at football so my finger has a nice red blood look on it as i type this.Anyway things have been good and bad i say.I told a girl how I felt about her she told me she wantd to date wiggers thats want to stab her in the backs.WHat is love really i mean shit all it does it cause Bad things if you think about it.NOw i know i dont mean that but really just think about that for a min.Moving onnn............Im doing really good in school this year and football is almost over, god it flys by so fast.we are 4-4 right now on are way to 5-4 then 6-4 then 7-4 then 7-5 i hope ~~ this just in rumors about me are on the grape vine and they are??::that I had sex w/ Shirley Laudig:: I just found this out wow i hate people. GOD IF i kill myself now i can get that full page in the year boook.SOUnds soooo good.SO ya as u can telll i hate being single with a passion and with that im out so ill ttyl chuck
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