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kentnj2 (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2006 at 3:20pm
Current mood: chill
Music: Recieving End of Sirens - Planning a Prison Break
Subject: Up to speed.
alright so pretty much my life up untill now has being in highschool is as lame as everyone whos been to highschool has proclaimed many times before in the past. the only complaints i have is everyone is literally stuck up pieces of ignorant crap that for the life of me i cant seem to get along with, and i'm not sure the quality of the school is up to par, but since i dont know exactly what 'par' is (seeing as this has been my only highschool) i cant really complain, so all in all im ok with school for now and i have little to no complaints. i 'will' say that if something in my life doesnt change drasticaly before the end of school i will end up going crazy and possibly killing many people, because while i have no problems with school...i do have problems with the rest of my life (or what little life i do have)... im in a completely new place. i dont now anybody and everybody who i come in contact with at school is a bunch of jerks. if i had to break it down to its roots than id have to say my main problem with my life right now is the fact that im alone, and always amazingly bored. i go to school and come home. the only real friend i truly did have had to move away because if he didnt he would have that kinda sucked. im sick of how life just keeps proving that all its supposed to do is kick us constantly even when we are down. everyone watch as the worlds biggest optimist becomes a pessimist! ive been dealing with it for a while now so its gotten to a point where it doesnt hurt as much as it used to, so im not complaining about it but i am...if that makes sense. i just want something to change. i just want to meet a nice girl, someone who i can talk to, cause hot damn i miss talking to people. sometimes its unbearable and the rest of the time its just 'whatever'. im thinking really hard and i cant seem to remember my last happy moment that didnt involve some altered state inducing substance...*sigh*...just another thing to add to my list of crap that i dont neccasarily like about my life...a substance abuse problem. i dont think ill ever let it get that far. of course this is all pessimism. believe that this isnt complaining. this is long awaited venting. it just sucks that i have to do it to a website...
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