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kentnj2 (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2006 at 7:12pm
Current mood: waiting
Music: Cranberries - Zombie
Subject: Its just another day.
In the life of me. Absolutely nothing is going on in my life (whats new eh). People come up to me and ask 'whats new?' and i reply 'not a damn thing' and of course i say this outloud to nobody because there really wasnt anyone there in the first place. forgive me if a sound bitter at the many many bad turns of events called my life. I was thinking to myself how when you break it down, you have two ways to live. You can either work your ass off your entire life just to make sure your life doesnt have 'too' many problems. and i say too many problems because no matter how hard you work yourll always have problems. or you could be a bum. work your ass off or be a bum. There is no middle ground of anything. Worry about material things and money and bills or not worry about them at all and get used to a bums me its crappy, why does it take so much to be happy? nobody wants to live on the streets all there lives and nobody ever smiles once when they have to pay for something in there life. double edged sword that will cut you no matter what you do in old friends used to tell me how listening to me and my ideals makes them want to lemming off a cliff...(for those of you who have no idea what 'lemming of a cliff' means..i Its just my cute way of saying 'Jump of a cliff') so ill say right now if you have been reading this do not think about anything i say for longer than it takes you to read it in your head. I talk all the time and sometimes i forget what comes out.hehe. since there isnt anything to be said about today, im done. i hope whoever is reading this has a masculine child. everyone be happy
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