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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-2006 at 11:22am
maybe i'm doing this journal thing again?
all the cool kids are doing it...

11, 12 days?
can meyouwe evfsdkj

i need. to stop thinking some stupid things. but it sucks to be always waiting.
lack of speaking
leads to thinking.
and how almost everything i do reminds me of othergirl who's involved.

i think a huge creature was just outside my window.

i'm using a new facewash just recently, it turns my face icy if i leave it on, and makes me think of snow and winter. i miss winter chill. even if it's always been lonely, i fell in love in(with) winter chill.

why should i be vague here, or even here at all? my thoughts aren't presented in a bow. they're fucked here.

so they are perfect. just like you. fucked and perfect.

god damn it.

i dont know what tabbs looks like. not at all.

you promised we'd talk today. but you just fell asleep.
even little things, when will you start keeping your promises?

this journal is probably pointless.

yeah. wuteva.

I love you exponentially.
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