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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-2006 at 10:07pm
Music: Tv stuff
Subject: The Huff's!
yesterday my good friend Adam Huff took the plunge into Marriage with his now wife Kimmy! Ive never seen Adam so happy before. Im happy for the both of them. The reception was off the chain. After about 14 fuzzy navels and 1 miller lite (lol beer) .. i was trashed. I got my dance on with everyone and we all had a blast, well almost everyone. Little issue with Melissa and Myself .. i guess. the thing is, when I drink, you could say I get a little goofy.. but its just me being me, and I think that her problem is that she cares way to much what other people think about her. I don't remember much, but what I do remember was her telling me to calm down a bunch because people there knew her family or something, whoop e .. its a frickin wedding and I was having fun being me, but she was pissed cuz maybe I was making an ass outta myself? but do I care ? no I was drunk with people I grew up with who know me and How I act. Ive known this girl for almost a year now and I love her more then anything but I don't understand why she gets in some of her moods when around people ? maybe its a girl thing, but she usually doesn't care what people think about her so Im confused? is there something she isn't telling me ? maybe someone was there that made her uncomfortable? I dunno, but i do know she isn't happy with me right now and I hate that shit.

who knows .. she knows I love her and I wanna give her the world.

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