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kentnj2 (profile) wrote,
on 10-25-2006 at 1:29pm
Current mood: dazed
Music: Dir En Grey - Kodoku Ni Shisu, Yueni Kodoku
Subject: its not all bad.
either of become better at rolling or things just arent getting to me as much as they used to. rolling as in rolling with the punches, because i think ive gotten myself to actually believe that (despite my disbelief in fate and all things alike) all the bad things that happen to me are for a good reason, that reason being, to start or be apart of the chain reactions for the good crap that happens to me in my life. now of course id i didnt have to over analyze it id have just told you that things are better because im learning to roll with the punches. a good ammount of ok stuff is happening to me quite often so im complaining less and less every day, and with the holidays coming up and the promise of winter weather, i think things will be looking up for a while, but the thing i have to realize is that they will be looking up in a completely different way, wich i have to accept. its good to have some sort of grasp on wether or not things will be looking up.
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