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kentnj2 (profile) wrote,
on 10-28-2006 at 8:40pm
Current mood: peaceful
Music: Tom Jones with Cerys Matthews - Baby, its Cold Outside
Subject: gettin in that spirit
alright this is officialy my first post where its safe to say that im talking to myself. shall we take a break to celebrate? OF COURSE NOT! hehe. I do have to admit that i was feeling a bit stupid because for a while there it seemed like i was complaining A LOT. apologies to anyone who was oddly unfortunate to read any of it. Im currently listening to the 2005 Victoria Secret Christmad compilation, currently on track 4 wich happens to be...Michael Bubble singing 'ill be home for christmad'...he kinda reminds me of sinatra, or at least the style he conveys...that 'loungy' style or something. hehe. hes not too bad...but anyway, amazingly long intro aside, its that time of the year that can take any ailment and make you forget about it. This sensation is even better when you dont have that many problems at all coming into the season. ive been doin that thinking that im so used to and ive actually come up with something new, wich by my current standards is odd. it was one of those thoughts that change my aspect on life a little. what if i was made this way? I complain and whine about nothing and its not my fault (possibly). i was just toying with the thought of global/human conditioning. its obvious that todays society has an effect on our media and our media has an effect on society, or at least people make big deals making it seem like this. with everyone complaining about movies and video games messing with our minds and with todays media being so cuthroat and money grubbin. maybe its a side effect that todays teens have become what they have become because of the way the world is conducted. since we cant evolve physically too much more it would make sense that our minds will keep growing. no teen wants to complain, or get sad, or deal with drama the way we normally deal with drama. do we handle things a certain way because thats what we were taught growing up. thats how not only our parents, but the world, has conditioned us to be. everything we here on the radio and in our music, everything we see on big and little screan, everything our friends and not friends say and do, and of course by every little thing our parents do since we are concieved. has the world turned us into something bad? normally id let something like this bring me down, but it actually cheers me up, because ive always found that as long as i know that there is a problem ive always been able to fix it or avoid it so it doesnt become a problem. i could possibly be the man who figures out the reason behind life. keep in touch...wait...WHO AM I TALKING TO!?!?! hehe. its good to be a little crazy.
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