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kentnj2 (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2006 at 4:56pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Radio
Coincedence that since my life is going well i dont type that much here anymore? Not to worry though, because even though my life isnt amazing, but it is good, i wont deprive my peeps of something to do while being bored and online. School is actually not that bad. Ever since i actually started putting my nose in the books and actually doing my work. I just wrote my first paper for school that i wrote in a loooong time. Sure i was a little late in doing it and i had many technical difficulties i should be getting 100 on it. I also seem to be getting along with family a lot more than i normally do. Someone made mention about burning bridges and it made me think since they are going to be my family for at least a couple more years (at least!) i might as well be good with everyone, even though it always seems like i never fit in with my family, but im starting to think that it may be the case for most people and fail, maybe. Another wacko science experiment i might end up doing one bored couple of months or years. Highschool is going fast... not as fast as id want it to go though. The school has me thinking about college. They are always feeding us the same bs about money and school constantly shovng it down our throats. I sometimes dont even think that its as difficult as they make it out to im taking care of my futire plans myself as much as possible. Stupid school. I think im going to end up studying science...maybe social science or psychology, i mean i do pretty much the same crap that they do as a hobby so i guess its a good idea...hehe. Other than that life is good. Ive been dating someone for a week or two. Shes black wich means absolutely nothing to me, but its funny to see my parents and friends reactions. silly people. i've come to a realization that life right now may not be amazing, but i dont think its sposed to be. Not because im a teenager or anything, but because of many things like the fact that ive been on a journey to figure out who i am, and i dont even know when thats going to end. Im paving my way for my future and its all going to take a lot of work depending on how awesome i want to live later on in life. Work now and play later, but at least im happy now. Of course im always waiting for the next big thing is turning out to be relatively exciting.
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