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ElektraGamblin (profile) wrote,
on 11-15-2006 at 6:03pm
Current mood: listless
Music: JC Chasez - Dear Goodbye
Subject: My Poor Baby Naoe...*kicks Kagetura*
Mirage of blaze, Kat-Tun, and Saiyuki Reload own my soul....seriously.

Sanzo from Saiyuki Reload is my new replacement for snape (nothing could ever seriously replace snape..but still, sanzo...omg, he's like a Teh Blip version of snape, and waaaaaay cuter too.) How many -MONKS- have you met with a foul mouth, a complete "piss off" mental syndrome, lazy, conceited, and incredibly good at insulting people.

"Release information, story information, character biographies? We've
got that. Downloads and other assorted media? You
betcha. Your very own Banishing Gun, like the one sported
by everyone's favorite chain-smoking priest, Genjyo Sanzo?
We wish." Who else has websites like that? >. >

"Said to be a great and noble priest who travels the lands with
his three loyal followers, banishing demons and being the
epitome of piety. Well, it just goes to show you that the legend
is based a little more on fiction than fact. Genjyo Sanzo is a
hard-smoking, hard-drinking, no-nonsense kind of guy who
has no qualms about pulling his Banishing Gun on his friends
or enemies to maintain order amongst the group, and
throughout the land in which he travels. He's self-centered,
conceited, and not above treating his comrades like his
personal servants, as he relaxes quietly with a cup of tea and
the morning paper. Sometimes it just pays to be the leader."


I love him.

yeah >. >

Look at that face, XD
my anime obsession is beginning to scare even me......but hey, who cares! ^^ *cough*

And Naoe...last night, omg...I am so glad I am capable of containing my laughter, because rolling on the floor unable to breath at 1:30 a.m. would have been baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I love Mirage of Blaze..........completely Naoe is so completely unbalanced.."We could put you into the body of a woman, then you wouldn't mind sleeping with me!" (paraphrasing here) I thought I was going to die.........yes, I love you deeply Kagetura, even though you treat me like a dog and refuse to touch me...why I don't I just rape you instead! *falls out of her chair* (This will only make sense to people who have watched the series...I realize this...but omg...complete Naoe love....) *hisses at Kagetura* you are sooooooooooooo completely cruel and unworthy of Naoe's love....I mean sure, he tried to rape you...but it's your own goddamn I don't want -any- complaining..*coughs* >. > *pets poor Naoe* So abused and rejected..*cuddles* Who needs Kagetura anyways? >. > I mean, come on...look at that adorableness Meanie Kagetura...... LOOK at that face!!'s screaming "I'll die if you don't love me!" Poor Naoe...*pets* *sniffle*

Yeah....on to another subject........I take back every feminine thought I had about seriously.....a girl...Have you HEARD him scream? Seriously...omg He does actually manage to scream his head off like a man sometimes...(not that a man screams his head off so.....XD are such a girl...XD

Randomely...the look on Kame's face when Jin messes up on the guitar....priceless..XD <3 Kame

So yeah, enough of my fangirl ranting >. >

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