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allyson (profile) wrote,
on 11-13-2006 at 2:14pm
Ha.. sorry. It just makes me happy after what I heard from jared. ;) If you know me... you'll find out what I'm talking about. I can't say it on here because it's about you know who. Heh.. anyways. Morgan went potty like a lot this weekend. It was great and she finally got excited and realized what she was doing. That was really good. A breakthrough finally!

Jared has an interview on thursday for dispatch and we are excited about that one. HOpefully he gets it because he hates what he's doing right now. We really could use the money with our house payments being over 1300 dollars and him only bringin home a little over 1600.. we're screwedskis. I need a job.

Anyways, I find out by this wednesday if Jared and I can start a family. If they say no.. too bad it's the only thing that will make our life complete. It's what I've always wanted and Jared wants it to.
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