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allyson (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2006 at 2:15pm
Well, I got my paper today and they scheduled my surgery for december freaking 18th. The day before my 20th Birthday. Hell no. ANNNDDD it's at carson city and they want to do it COLD KNIFE. HELL NO. Okay that is the oldest way of doing it and has the worst percentages of infertility and incompetent cervix. No Thank you. I am totally crying on the inside right now. Well.. almost on the outside. I'm holding it in. So... I think I'm getting a second opinion and with a doctor that is affiliated with spectrum health. Where they have actual freaking technology. Oh and you know who keeps fricking talking to jared. When.. they reason why we decided thursday to sunday pick her up at five.. is so we didn't have to talk to her. But yet she still texts and asks "can you do this, can we do this" blah blah. No.. it's 5 for a reason. It's always going to be 5, so we don't have to talk. WTF... could my life suck anymore?
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