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blazerelmyn (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2006 at 3:58am
Music: Me - Paula Cole
Subject: It is me who is my enemy..
So, I am in North Carolina. We left around 7:30 this morning, much to my disappointment, really. Though, it's the holidays. I'm trying to keep my chin up over it. I really am attached to Dustin. In a big way. I need to reduce my clinginess, stat. Looking back at this morning.. That was absolutely pathetic of me. I'm sorry, love. Forgive me?

I slept the entire way down to my mom's. In short, that means I've managed fifteen hours of sleep since 7 last night. It's 4AM now, and I'm not tired in the least. So much for that whole getting back on schedule thing.

I had a rather fulfilling conversation with Rob tonight. Good times were had by all. Just thought I'd mention it.

Beyond that, nothing's going on. The plan while I am here is to roleplay and try and level as much as possible before I go home. Once I get back to Parma, job hunting is in full swing. What a late way to do so. Argh. Back to the mall I go. Via bike. That should be fun with our weather as of late.

So it goes.
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